The Spooky Magic Theatre

For the October Half Term Holidays 2017

Here at the Magic Theatre, we LOVE this time of the year, we wish it was Hallowe’en all the year round. But for a few days only which is definitely a great treat for the Half Term Holidays, we celebrate Hallowe’en big style and turn our little theatre into ‘The Spooky Magic Theatre’.


JUST 2 seats left in this year’s schedule. Shame, it’s nearly over.

Lets do it all over again in 2018. I’ll try and squeeze in a few more performances next year.

Tickets on sale soon …. of course …..


Families and friends gather in the dimly lit, creaky and kooky magic theatre to tell ‘Ghost Stories’. Your storyteller and host is magician Richard Leigh.

Traditional Halowe’en party games are played, all with a magical twist. Great fun providing you don’t mind hearing things that go bump in the night and you don’t mind seeing ghosts.

Tricks and Treats galore. Bring a good pair of lungs to scream and be amazed.


Chains will rattle as a ghostly hand plays cards with the magician.


For some, who dare to look at their reflection in the mirror, ghostly apparitions are strong.



And for those who are really brave enough to play the magical game traditionally played at Hallowe’en called TRICK OR TREAT and risk the forfeit of the trapdoor of Doom, then please let the ghostly theatre manager at the box office know when you arrive.



Come on in and tell us a ghost story.

Below is a picture of one of my favourite moments from presenting this show over the years. The magical outcome from a ghost story told by a very imaginative   audience member and eerily scratched on paper by a spirit, a ghost.


The finale is strange. A ghostly head which is alive. An old fairground sideshow called ‘The Living Head’ – you will witness and can virtually touch, you are that close, a head without a body, and yet it’s alive, very alive. Only at ‘The Magic Theatre’ is this a normal days work.


Each show is one hour and fifteen minutes without an interval.

Doors creak open 15 minutes before each performance.

Don’t be scared now. This is a fun show presented by a great storyteller and magician. Richard Leigh’s guest spooks this season are Michelle Roberts and Xavier Black.



If you would like to nominate a person within your group or family to help with one of the effects, or would simply like a birthday mentioned, just tell the magician who is presenting magic as you take your seats or the box office manager. This performance is interactive but in no way embarrassing.

These very popular shows sell out fast. Get your tickets before they are all gone.

‘Scream if you want to go faster’ …. Welcome to the fun fear.

Roll up, Roll up, Roll up

As part of ‘Magic Moments‘ 2017

The performances of this show on Thursday 26th October 2017 at 2.30pm will have proceeds donated to the charity of Richards choice which is Momentum.

REVIEW from the last magic show for Momentum by Janice Gravett:

The Fairground Magic Show was a fabulous entertainment, set in an old style fairground with all the glitz and glamour of showmanship. It was written and presented by Richard Leigh in an amazingly engaging and versatile style.

The basement Baron’s Court Theatre was transformed by light and sound on Sunday afternoon into a fairground of games and attractions. In each event, the magical element bamboozled the enthusiastic and attentive audience whose participation, especially by the children, was very high.

We roared, clapped, and whispered with delight and amazement as Richard, the showman, led us around the fairground and its games and tricks and surprises.

It was a wonderful afternoon and all in aid of a wonderful cause – the Momentum charity – which supports children with cancer in Surrey and South West London.