The Fairground Magic Show


Set in the Fairground and carnivals of yesteryear. A traditional magic show for the whole family. Created and presented  by magician and showman Richard Leigh.



A creative playground, the Barons Court Theatre in London is transformed into an underground fairground of games and attractions. All the games you remember are there for all to play, and yet every game, every attraction has some mind blowing magic themed around it.

You can play ‘Hook a Duck’, Darts, ‘Score 21 to win’, ‘The Coconut Shy’ ‘6 Hoops to win’ ‘3 balls in to win’

And right down the centre of the fairground called the midway, Richard introduces a selection of olde fairground Side Shows.

One of those Side Shows is an unusual and rare recreation from an old black and white photo postcard of a fairground from over 90 years ago and is certainly one of Richards renowned maths extravaganzas entitled ‘The Fastest Mathematician’.

You choose the numbers, time and time again, BIG SUMS, and he’ll give you the total before you can get into your calculator mode.

This effect is wonderfully entertaining and has got to be seen to be appreciated. It’s incredibly quick.

And this is just a taster of numerous Side Show attractions which are presented here at London’s intimate magic theatre by Richard Leigh.


If you would like to nominate a person within your group or family to help with one of the effects, or would simply like a birthday mentioned, just tell the magician who is presenting magic as you take your seats or the box office manager. This performance is interactive but in no way embarrassing. And of course with this show, there are plenty of games to play.

Roll up, Roll up, Roll up

As part of ‘Magic Moments‘ 2017

The performances of this show on Sunday 17th September 2017 at 2.30pm and 5.30pm will have proceeds donated to the charity of Richards choice which is Momentum.

THIS IS ALSO Our fabulous family show for the Christmas and New Year holidays 2017/18. Book early. Our shows at Christmas sell out very quickly.