Support from the stars!

Support from the stars!

“Nice to know there are people out there thinking of the less fortunate.”

Wayne Dobson

“Magic Moments – a day to celebrate magic and charity. Give a moment of magic to help someone feel special and once you do you’re not going to want to stop. A highly recommended project.”

Aldo and Rachel Colombini

“This is wonderful work to be doing. I wish you every success”

Eugene Burger

“Greetings Magi,The thought of magicians using their creative talents to raise awareness bring joy to my heart. We need more uplifting magic in the world. I support your efforts and applaud your cause!Yours in the healing power of magic”

Jeff McBride. Creator of Mystery School

“As magicians we create memories. It should be our intentions to charge those memories with powerful emotions. Simply because moments go by, memories may last a lifetime and beyond. Periodically I select specific charity organizations and support them with performances, money and good advice. This is part of my personal as well as my business philosophy because I feel I live a very blessed life doing the things that fascinate me and working with people I love. There are a lot of people who are less fortunate and it’s not only fair to put energy, time and money into organizations that support them, but you will create good memories about yourself too!”

George Parker

“Good luck to everyone involved in the project; whilst everyone appreciates that charitable work is obviously a worthwhile and commendable thing to do, beyond making an occasional donation most people don’t take it that extra step to actually facilitate and organise fund-raising events on a long term basis as you’ve done. If they did, they’d realise that that extra step actually involves the effort of a marathon and deserves the appropriate ovation at the end of it – well done!”

Paul Zenon

“Magic Moments Day is a great way of raising money and I wish the very best of luck to everyone involved”

Geoffrey Durham