Public Performances in London

London’s Intimate Magic Theatre Presents …

You have found a hidden treasure of an underground London venue, where for the past 15 years Richard Leigh has been the magician in residence and has transformed the cave like space into an imaginative and intimate ever changing theatre of magic.

Due to  Richards work commitments outside of this theatre, there are no public performances back at Barons Court Theatre in London until December 18th 2017.


‘The Fairgound Magic Show’

A magic show set in the fairground and carnivals of yesteryear. Traditional fairground games, all with magical twists and surprises.


‘The Magic Cavern’

Londons long running magic show for the whole family. Presented by Richard Leigh. Now in our 15th year at this theatre with this show.


‘The Magic Symphony’

An intimate magic show in miniature for the whole family this February Half Term. A magic toy theatre is the setting, your storyteller and magician is Richard Leigh. The result is an enchanting and bewildering close up magic show suitable for all ages.

MARCH 2018

‘The Magician’s Hat’

An intactive exhibition and magic show in association with London Hat Week. Created and presented by Richard Leigh, Jenifer Rowley and Jay Fortune.

APRIL 2018

‘Cave 13 – The Superstitious Magic Show’

The next FRIDAY 13th is in April 2018 and although the most renowned unluckiest days of the year, let the superstitious assemble for a theatre show of magic and conversation with Richard Leigh with the endless themed topics of good and bad luck. Suitable for all over 8 years old ideally. But let’s not just celebrate bad luck on Friday 13th, let’s be positive, thus April 2018 at the magic theatre in London presents numerous performances of this very clever and intricate, intertwining magic show.


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