The Magic Cavern


London’s longest running theatrical magic show


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The Magic Cavern is London’s long running theatrical magic show created and presented by the beguiling Richard Leigh.

Magic Cavern #7

Now in his 14th sensational year and well over 1000 performances at the Barons Court Theatre in London. You won’t believe your eyes as you witness the seemingly impossible. Wherever you sit to view this intimate and atmospheric theatre show you are only a few feet away from the magic which happens literally under your very eyes.

Suitable for all (6 years to 106) Set inside a magical cave with jewels glistening and rays of fantastic light beaming through the entrance to the cave, this is a very magical place. A traditional show of mystery from the golden age of magic which is quite simply beyond belief.

If you would like to nominate a person within your group or family to help with one of the effects, or would simply like a birthday mentioned, just tell the magician who is presenting magic as you take your seats or the box office manager. This performance is interactive but in no way embarrassing.

Magic Cavern #8

Critics Choice

‘All the magic is astounding but the are two tricks which simply defy belief – one with words, one with numbers. Take the whole family to witness and ponder in amazement, like we did. Do not miss this show’.

FIVE STARS – Jane McDowell for remotegoat.


If you were amazed by Darcy Oake’s random audience member numbers matching his credit card digits on ITV earlier tonight, then maybe a visit to The Magic Cavern is due. The longest running magic show in London sees Richard Leigh conjure up an even more mind baffling numbers trick in an impossible finale every Sunday Afternoon at Baron’s Court Theatre, downstairs at The Curtains Up pub.

The Lost Review – Nic Bennett


Audience members reviews.

This is the second time that I have seen this marvellous magic show, firstly with a friend a few months ago and yesterday with a family group. We are all truly amazed at the skill of the magician – there are tricks to delight and astound the audience. Lots of fun for adults and children alike – highly recommended for a great afternoon out! S………Greaves

Magic Cavern #4

The show is amazing. The magician’s tricks are so brilliant you’d expect to see this level of skill on television, but the atmosphere in the cave-like cellar is far more exciting, as is seeing the magic so close. My children loved the show and so did the adults in our party and we all plan to go back again! Highly recommended. It’s also worth mentioning that the pub is lovely – we stayed on for drinks and a snack after the performance. R……. Jacobs


Each performance is one hour and fifteen minutes. There is no interval. Doors open 15 minutes before each performance.


The theatre operates an open seating policy. Sit wherever you feel comfortable. Late comers may not be able to sit together, depending on how the configuration of seats are used.


The Magic Cavern is created and presented by Richard Leigh

Richard Leigh