The Magical Scrapyard

The Magical Scrap Yard

The Magical Scrap Yard

A themed magic and illusion show for all the family.

A creative junkyard. The Illusionist uses his imagination to build magical apparatus out of junk and presents magic really close up utilising everyday throw away objects together with twisted pieces of metal, bicycle wheels, newspaper and anything and everything from the recycled bin. An entertaining and spectacular show totally made out of rubbish.

Created and presented by Richard Leigh.

Scrap Yard set

Richard presents Ther Bin Zag

Car Door Illusion

‘The Magical Scrap Yard’ is to be scheduled into ‘The Magic Cavern’ 2014 season of shows. Dates to be announced and go on sale early in the New Year. For ‘Early Bird’ updates please join the Mailing List.

Forthcoming shows:

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