The Magic Symphony

An unique and classy theatrical performance of magic in miniature.

Magic Symphony Production Photo 1

Created and Presented by Richard Leigh

An astonishing close up magic show for the whole family, staged and set in a miniature fully operational toy theatre. Playing cards form the theatre orchestra and the conductor has more than one trick up his sleeve. Playing cards also form the actors and dancers. This elite and elegant toy theatre is a magical playground for the young and young at heart with an appetite for using their imagination.

Magic Symphony Production Photo 4

The toy theatre featured in ‘The Magic Symohony’ was possibly a grand toy for a family of a bygone age, found and dusted off, cobwebs removed, scripts, props and scenery found in old cardboard boxes, and turned into a magic theatre by the creative brain of Richard Leigh.

The stage is set. The magic is as always very close, audience participation a plenty for those who wish to participate. All scenes are staged to classical music. Your conductor is …. YOU, … YOU also play the roles of the Villain, the Hero, the Princess and the Immortal.

 A wonderful and original piece of theatre in miniature. This is your half hour call, you have thirty minutes …’

Magic Symphony Production Photo 3

For birthdays or other celebrations of any age, should you wish to nominate someone in your group to help with one of the many effects in the show which include operating the backstage scenery and props of the theatre please give names to the box office when you arrive at the theatre.


Magic Symphony Production Photo 8

The performance is one hour and fifteen minutes. Doors open 15 minutes before the show starts. We operate an open seating policy. Where ever you sit, you are only a few feet away from the performance.

Magic Symphony Production Photo 5