Magic Moments

Magic Moments

Encouraging magicians worldwide to devote a selfless moment of time each year to use their wonderful gift to bring a moment of magic for someone else, enriching and charitable.



Richard Leigh has supported Jay Fortune and this wonderful venture since day one. Now in our 7th year. With international support from the world’s greatest magicians, performers everywhere are being encouraged to help bring a moment of magic into the lives of people who need it most.

Jay Fortune encourages magicians worldwide to make this year’s events the biggest and best ever. Events do not need to be large and extravagant. A simple gesture of presenting a few card tricks to a group of people who are ill or need cheering up is very powerful. Use your skill to brighten up someone’s day and let us know all about your event. If it’s a free event, then great, let us know. If you are raising money for a charity of your choosing, again please let us know.

First think of a charity you would like to help. Approach your chosen charity and mention that you are a magician and wish to do some fund raising for them as part of the Magic Moments concept.  Most charities have a fund-raising co-ordinator and their job is to work with you to create something to benefit the charity. It need not be a headache to organise. You just need to make that first step. You will then be raising money for a good cause, but also your profile locally as magicians has been given a boost. And in the bigger picture raising awareness of magic and illusion. That is a subject very passionate to me, especially magic as a theatrical art.

Whatever is organised, let us know and it will be added to our website which is hosted by our friend and supporter Duncan Trillo on the excellent MagicWeek website: Click here.

At the end of your event please let us know how much you raised and your total is added to the grand running total of all monies raised for good causes through the idea of Magic Moments. This grand total can be seen on our page at MagicWeek.

Previous total: £52,289.83

Last years events on the 1st November 2014 raised £2.356.87 so far

GRAND TOTAL to date £54.646.70


Magic Moments is not set up as a charity. Jay, I and all supporters of this idea do not take a penny out of this event for administration costs. It is funded out of personal money. This is just a nice thing to do. Especially as we are all very busy people, it is a great feeling to take time out to use our talents for the good of others. Many performers have day jobs or are busy pro’s, so have little time for the many charity requests they receive each year. Perhaps Magic Moments can be a concept for a time which works for the individual to be set aside in your diaries to make that your charity day and perform for whatever charity that Is personal to you at this point in your life.


The other way you can help in a big way is to simply buy a ticket to any of the events listed in association with Magic Moments Month

To keep in touch with all events being organised for Magic Moments  visit

And whatever you plan, when ever that is please let us know so that we can keep this project vibrantly alive. Then report back to us with how it went and how much money was raised. Your total will then be added to the grand total.  if you need help from us, we’ll do our best to help you. You can drop Jay or I an email at


Support from the stars

On behalf of Jay and I – thank you.