Magic Moments Dedicated Events Team!

Magic Moments Dedicated Events Team!

If you would like to help Magic Moments – the national day of magic grow, please email Jay or I on

Magic Moments is a charitable venture and are always seeking dedicated and enthusiastic magicians to volunteer with growing the initiative. Magic Societies, individual performers and enthusiasts are all welcomed and encouraged to get involved.

No matter where you live in the world, we’d welcome hearing from you. No demands will be made on your time, other than what you freely wish to give to help promote Magic Moments and seek performers to join in.

We are also looking for a dedicated Tweeter/FaceBook fanatic to run these for Magic Moments. There’s no money, but its good fun and who knows which famous magicians may end up tweeting with you.

We are also looking for organisers to pursue and encourage events in their region of the country or world. We can then categorise the growth of this project.

If you are a publicist who would like the challenge of creating press recognition and development for this project then please please do get in touch.