Black and white squares boxes?

No, this isn’t a new trick from Richard Leigh, though it is very clever nevertheless. You will notice that some pages on this website will have this black and white chequered box appearing on it. It may well be appearing on future posters too. They are becoming quite common and can be seen on lots of posters, flyers etc.. But what are they?

It is called “QR Code” and is basically a barcode for the internet. Many mobile smartphones have free apps that you can download that use the camera on your phone to read and translate these barcodes. In this instance, the code is a URL that will take you directly to our mailing list sign up form. Give it a try, it’s great fun.

Here’s links to the free apps

For Android phones download QR Droid

For Blackberry phones download QR Scanner Pro

For iPhones download QR reader for iPhone



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