Magic shows by Richard Leigh


Richard Leigh

Richard Leigh is a creator of theatre magic shows, using his skills as an artist, sculpter and bespoke prop maker to create some highly original work. 30 years of experience behind him and celebrating 14 years of presenting his work in London’s most intimate of theatres.

Richard schedules an ever changing programme of his 12 hand crafted productions throughout each year from the following:

Every show is different in magical content.

‘The Magic Cavern’, ‘Cave 13 – The Superstitious Magic Show’,  ‘The Saturday Morning Magic Show’, ‘The Haunted Cave’, ‘The Girl to Cave Monster’, ‘The Side Show of Wonders’, ‘The Fairground Magic Show’, ‘The Recycled Magic Show’, ‘The Twilight Ballrooms’, ‘The Magic Symphony’ and ‘Sawdust and Mirrors’

Each production is between one hour and one hour, fifteen minutes in duration. All shows can be presented as theatre shows, or split into multiple 15 minute routines for cruise ship contracts and most routines can be presented in the side show attraction format for events worldwide.

The current London season is booking to January 2017 and features the below productions.


Barons Court Theatre

Jermyn Street Theatre



THE MAGIC CAVERN. London’s most intimate and atmospheric theatre magic show. Over 1000 performances in London alone. For all 6 years and above)

Selected Sunday’s at 2.30pm between now and the 1st January 2017 at the Barons Court Theatre.


THE SUPERSTITIOUS MAGIC SHOW. A magic show with themes of Superstition, good and bad luck. For all 8 years and above)

Matinee performance on the Wednesday and Friday of the Hallowe’en Half Term week at the Barons Court  Theatre. And for FRIDAY 13th of which the next one is Friday 13th January 2017. Book early, this show on this bad luck day is popular ….


THE SATURDAY MORNING MAGIC SHOW.  For one performance once. An hour of incredible magic at the intimate and luxurious Jermyn Street Theatre in the heart of London’s West End. Saturday 10th December 2016 at 11.30am. Suitable for all ages.