Magic shows by Richard Leigh


‘Welcome to Londons most intimate magic theatre’

Magic shows created and performed by Richard Leigh

Richard Leigh is a creator of theatre magic shows, using his skills as an artist, sculpter and bespoke prop maker to create some highly original work. 28 years of experience behind him and celebrating 13 years of presenting his work in London’s most intimate of theatres. The current season is booking to January 2017 and features the below productions.


Barons Court Theatre



THE MAGIC CAVERN. London’s most intimate and atmospheric theatre magic show. Over 1000 performances in London alone. For all 6 years and above)


THE SUPERSTITIOUS MAGIC SHOW. A magic show with themes of Superstition, good and bad luck. For all 8 years and above)

 Ticket Prices

Adults £12.00. Children and concessions £9.00

Call the theatre box office for group rates.

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